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BCB Company Ltd. is a distributor of several brands in the field of gastronomy

At the same time, we provide services in HoReCa primarily in
 with the preparation of hot drinks

Recently we launched in the Czech Republic Italian coffee DERSUT TOP QUALITY and loose tea brand BIOTEAQUE. In addition, we import coffee brand Astoria, Faema and Brasilia.

BCB Ltd. efforts to deal with family Caballiniů regarding importing their most prestigious coffees DERSUT since 1997. Our desire to be heard in early 2012 when we were granted the right to import Italian coffee Dersut TOP QUALITY to the Czech Republic to the distribution to the HoReCa.



the right to import Italian coffee Dersut TOP QUALITY to the Czech Republic

Count dr. Giorgio Caballini of Conegliano, the owner of the family DERSUT roasters Caffe SpA, respected our request to be placed on the market in the Czech Republic four top certified coffee DERSUT - ORO TOP QUALITY, SELECIONE DEL CONTE, Arancio and novelty CAFFE LIGHT. These mixtures were Arabica been intended only for Italian designer cafes and export Dersut not supported.

For customers in the catering support is set entirely by Italian standards

Collection cups are designed with the possibility of individual completion of the atmosphere of individual sites, and other stylish material helps amplify the experience of a cup of coffee.


dersut = quality

If you select DERSUT, you will not have to feel concerned about the quality of served hot drinks any more and you will easily resolve the issues related to the acquisition of necessary and goods.

The offer is intendet primarily for customers requiring the service of coffee comanies usually provided in the czech republic.



Smaller customers have the opportunity to purchase the majority of our products in the online store, and at the Customer Centre and Store - Praha Újezd​​, 254/4 Štítová.